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Synergy Detox Max Cleanse Temporary Detoxification System


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Created for the heavy user (5+ times per week) or moderate user (2-4 times per week) with body mass over 195 lbs. Designed to temporarily reduce toxins to pass a urine drug test.

Synergy Detox Max Cleanse Temporary Detoxification System

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    For heavy users (5+ times per week) or moderate user (2-4 times per week) with body mass over 195 lbs.


    Synergy Detox Money Back Guarantee

    Get a 6 hour temporary window of clean results to pass a urine drug test using Max Cleanse.  This detoxification system uses 16 tea bags of Diure-T plus supplements from Conversion Factor for ultimate results. Over a two hour period you will consume the brewed tea while also taking the capsules. The tea is a natural herbal diuretic that when combined with the capsules work to remove toxins while temporarily restoring nutrients. Once you have finished this two hour cleanse, you will have 6 hours to pass your urine drug test.

    Max Cleanse is suggested for heavy users, people who use more than five times per week, or people who weigh more than 160 lbs. It's also considered the best choice for moderate users, two-four times weekly, who weigh more than 190 lbs. Power Flush is the suggested detoxification system for for heavy users who weigh under 160 lbs.

    Cleansing formulas from Synergy Detox Systems do not mask results, they actually remove toxins from your urinary tract, ensuring tat you will successfully pass the drug urine test.  Masking systems use foreign additives that alter test results.

    Potent and safe formulations of vitamins and natural herbs are used in Synergy Detox systems for cleansing the urine. The temporary results from Max Cleanse have been shown to provide passing results thousands of times. Pass your urine drug test using this powerful method that temporarily cleanse and flush toxins.


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