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Synergy Detox 4 Day Permanent Detoxification System


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Created for the lightest user (1 time per week or less) with any body mass. Designed to permanently reduce toxin levels for passing a urine, blood or saliva drug test.

Pass A Drug Test With Synergy Detox 4 Day Permanent Detoxification System

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    Designed for the lightest user (1 time per week or less) with any body mass. money back guarantee 

    This four day long  treatment created by Synergy Detox is a three part detoxification procedure for the body. Each part combines and permanently reduces your body's toxin levels using a co-coordinated purification effect over four days. Anyone who completes the program can pass a drug test for blood, saliva or urine.

    Step One

    You start out with the mandatory diet that is designed to boost your metabolism and burn fat. Healthy meals of chicken, turkey or shrimp, combined with green vegetables and other wholesome foods are the basis for this mandatory regimen. Foods on the menu are in accordance with well-acknowledged data in nutritional science. The great news is that portion sizes are unlimited – eat all you can from the allowed options. No need to go hungry at all.

    Good Signs to Watch For

    As a sign that detoxification is taking place there will be a few pounds of fat loss as you progress through the program. While the fat cells are shrinking, the toxins are driven out and enter the bloodstream, and then are consequently broken down in the liver. Drinking plenty of fluid aids your body in the process of removing the toxins.

    Step Two

    The program makes use of two important supplements which are taken to boost the detoxification. A vitamin supplement, Adipose Factor performs the role of increasing blood flow to the fat cells. The flow of additional blood means more oxygen is available to intensify fat metabolism. Also included is Conversion Factor, a special blend of tested herbal supplements, used for boosting the handling toxins by the liver. Together with Adipose Factor, Conversion Factor enhances the detox process. Neither product contains any stimulants.

    The Synergy Detox PDS systems are designed to work on the more complex fat soluble toxins such as THC, but will work on any toxin.

    The New and Flavorsome Mandatory Diet

    After listening carefully to some of our clients who found the previous compulsory diet too tricky to follow, we have worked to make it much more appetizing and much simpler to stay with. This new diet is every bit, if not more efficient and successful with the detoxification process as the old one.

    Extra Benefits and Faster Results

    Now included in the program we have the optional sauna and fitness detox. It’s not mandatory but it gives a real lift to the detox process by helping burn fat and assisting the body in expelling toxins efficiently. There is an exercise program included which is simple to perform. Recommended only for those whose are currently in a state of good health, it is not a mandatory requirement but does get quicker results.

    Synergy PDS – Added Advantages and Bonus

    The PDS provides the healthy benefits of detoxifying the body, lowering cholesterol and rejuvenating the entire system.

    A recommended practice is to do a test for yourself at home with one of our home urine kits that are approved by the FDA, before your appointed drug test. This ensures you know for certain that everything is clear before taking the test.

    It can be a problem when drug tests are rescheduled and postponed or delayed and the test may need to be taken before you have the chance of finishing the program.

    So here is what you can do if this happens:

    The Conversion Factor Supplement which is included with our PDS, will ensure a fast cleanse and detoxification if taken an hour prior to the test, allowing a handy answer to the problem of having to take a test before finishing the PDS kit. You can be sure of taking the test without hesitation because Conversion Factor provides up to five hours of clean urine. This is a very helpful benefit to keep in mind if ever you should need to take a test before the expected time.


    Effective , 12/22/13
    By Blaine
    tested clean on both home urine drug tests and my actual drug test. Customer service was good. Only complaint was that the diet wasn't what I'm normally used to but I guess that's what it takes.
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