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Precision Cleanse Single Bottle


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Hair strand detoxification treatment. Designed to reduce cocaine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy drug metabolites in the hair strand as well as THC, benzodizepines, or opiate drug metabolites in the hair strands of moderate to heavy users (2 times per week or more). Single bottle for head hair only (use double bottle for both head and body hair).

precision Cleanse Shampoo to pass a hair drug test for head hair only

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For moderate to heavy users (more than 1 time per week) of cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, THC (marijuana), benzodiazepines, or opiates

Single bottle for head OR body hair money back guarantee 

Precision Cleanse is a treatment for detoxification of the hair strand. Application of the product is topical, meaning that you apply it directly on to the hair. Precision Cleanse is a real detoxification treatment for the hair and not simply a masking agent. When the treatments are completed, the toxins in the hair strand are diminished and will be at a level beneath detection readings in most laboratories.

Our hair grows from the small sac-like formations under the scalp called follicles and most of the toxins in our body are carried via the bloodstream to accumulate at the base of these hair follicles. As the hair grows the toxins merge with the newly grown strands, with molecules of keratin (hair strand proteins) binding with the molecules of the toxins.

A standard hair strand drug test is able to detect a wide range of metabolites produced from drugs. The metabolites from cocaine, benzodiazepines, ecstasy, THC and methamphetamines as well those from poisonous metals such as mercury and lead are all detectable in the hair strand.

Precision Cleanse has an exclusive formula which works to break down the attachment of the toxin metabolites to the hair keratin. Then they're washed from the hair strands with specific surfactants. This process makes Precision Cleanse extremely successful in its ability to reduce hair toxin metabolites to a point below test detection level.

We recommend that you use the treatment on two days consecutively. It's a strong formula but will have no effect on the appearance of colored or dyed hair, but it can make the hair a little dry.

The product has an average monthly reported failure rate of only 4% in its ability to reduce levels of toxins to those below detection level in a hair strand drug test. The small percent of failure could be for many reasons, but mainly because of more sophisticated technology being used in zero tolerance testing, and also if there are extremely high concentrations of toxins. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for Precision Cleanse.

After a treatment with Precision Cleanse your hair is permanently clean, but future hair growth may include the toxins that already exist in your body. However, if your body is clean of toxins, any future growth will be clean as well.

A very important fact to be aware of is that fat soluble toxins can remain in your body between one and three months after the last use. So clean hair growth will only happen from the day the toxins leave the system, not the day when you stop using. This needs to be fully understood for you to achieve permanently clean hair and use Precision Cleanse effectively. The product will treat the hair that is present at the time and not hair that is yet to grow.

Our recommendation is to use Precision Cleanse on the day or night prior to the drug test, if you suspect that you may have toxins still present. This will make sure that hair growth will be negligible after finishing treatment and submitting the test sample.

Another way to ensure future hair growth is clean is by using the PDS total detoxification system, which will clear toxins from the whole body including the hair. This system consists of a program lasting for either, 4 or 7 or 11 days (depending on your level of toxin intake) and will provide a whole body detox, followed up by using Precision Cleanse shampoo. Upon completion, both present and future hair growth is clean. You can find out more about our Total PDS Systems here.


Precision Cleanse Worked For Me Thumbs Up , 2/7/14
By Justine
I gave this 5 stars for value since it helped me pass my drug test. As the other reviewer said it is a bit pricey, but I guess you get what you pay for. If I had a complaint it was that I wish it didn't take so many treatments to work, I have short hair and after using the whole boittle I must have done twenty treatments.

I'm a daily medical marijuana had been unemployed for 8 months, and got a decent job after passing the test, so thank you
Works , 12/3/13
The product worked for me so very happy with that. The price was a bit expensive though. But did it's job so it was worth it.
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