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Everything you want to know about hair drug testing.
What is a Hair Follicle Drug Test?
Where do they usually collect the hair sample from?
Do bleaching, perming and other chemical treatments of the hair affect hair test results?
What is the shortest time period can hair tests go back to?
Does hair color affect hair test results?
How long does it usually take to get back the hair test results?
Can a hair test go back 12 months or 1 year?
How soon after consumption can a drug show up in a hair test?
Will external exposure to 2nd hand drug smoke have any effect on the have test results?
Can a false-positive reading happen on a hair test?
Can hair drug tests be used as evidence in court?


Product Questions
What's the difference between Precision Cleans and the Toxin Wash?
When do I get the single or double bottle?
When do I need to start using the product?
Is your hair detox product a masking agent?
What drugs are tested for in a hair drug test?