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Busted Republican Congressman Just Says No To Resigning

OK so conservative republican congressman Trey Redel gets busted for buying an 8 ball of cocaine from a DEA agent on October 29th. Apparently he was ratted out by his dealer, and at a press conference today refused to resign and wants to rebuild the trust of voters.

This guy had a lot going for him, he sponsored a bunch of bills and was pretty popular. basically the guy was doing a good job. But what’s most ironic here is that he supported drug testing for food stamp recipients. This opens the question, should members of state and federal legislatures be drug tested?

Some lawmakers have already suggested it, and I’m sure that makes a lot of their colleagues uneasy, especially the ones burning one after a hard day on the floor.

If you feel strongly about this you can start a petition in your own state to drug test lawmakers. We feel if you want to drug test welfare recipients, the lawmakers who make those laws should be tested themselves.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Update 01/27/14 – Today Trey Radel resigned his congressional seat.  He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor to cocaine possession charges.  Now  how many average citizens would you think get charged only with a misdemeanor and probation for possessing 3.5 grams of cocaine? What a great justice system we have.