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Drug Testing Methods

If your new to researching information about drug testing, you probably want to know some quick facts about the different types of drug testing methods. The below info-graphic should help you with a  quick overview of the different types of drug tests.


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Other Therapies Involved in Drug Addiction Therapy

Contrary to what most people believe, battling drug addiction is not just about kicking the bad habit to the curb or making drugs and other substances seem less appealing to a patient. It involves a series of therapies which are geared towards the holistic healing of a patient by tackling the issue from different perspectives. By learning more about these therapies, patients can choose the right addiction centers which can help eliminate their habits for good. Knowing about these therapies will also make it easier for them to follow through with a program since they will learn how necessary these steps actually are. Here are some of the therapies which should be applied to a patient who is battling drug addiction.

 Social Media Therapy

 Ever since different social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter have become household names, there has been much focus on cyber bullying and how it affects social media users of all ages. This allowed many parents and professionals to shed light on the matter and manage its occurrence. However, the new emerging social media trend which replaced cyber bullying proves to be more harmful. In this social media trend, individuals are encouraged by users to abuse illegal substances including alcohol and to post it all online for all the world to see. This is why permanent detox should start with social media therapy. Through social media therapy, patients will learn how to manage these types of online peer pressure.

 Cognitive Behavior Therapy

 Using cognitive behavior therapy is one of the most successful ways to solve many mental disorders which include phobias, depression and paranoia. In this therapy, the negative aspects of a mental disorder or problem is explored rather than avoided. For those who have phobias, patients are encourages to face the problem head on instead of spending the rest of their lives avoiding their phobia triggers. For those who are suffering from addiction, patients are encouraged to face their problem in order to find the underlying cause of the addiction. This therapy goes beyond the chemical aspect of dealing with addiction which include the introduction of medications which can alter the effects of illegal substances and alcohol which enables long term effects. This is why cognitive behavior therapy is important for those who are seeking for a permanent detox.

 Socialization Therapy

 Almost all addiction experts agree that group therapies are highly advantageous for patients who are battling different types of addiction since it allows them to socialize with peers who are experiencing the same withdrawal symptoms and other side effects of getting clean. This allows patients to see that they are not alone in this struggle and that they can rely on other people for support. Included in this socialization therapy is the introduction of pets. Through pets, the caring and emphatic characteristics of patients are brought out. This enables them to focus on getting well not just for themselves, but also for their furry friends. However, the integration of pets should be done cautiously especially if the patient has a history of violence or animal abuse.

All About Urine Drug Testing

Drug testing is a method of determining if a person has been taking illicit or illegal substances. Drug abuse is fast becoming common these days and thus many places try to determine if a person they plan to hire is taking drugs. However, in many places, drug testing is still controversial and even illegal as it is a violation to the rights to privacy. There are a few exceptions, such as those who work with safety, law enforcement, and convicted felons. If you find yourself subject to a drug test, you should make sure you find out all you can about these tests.Urine Sample The most common type of test is the urine drug test and some of these can detect up to ten types of hard drugs, like cocaine and heroine, and even softer drugs like marijuana, up to two weeks from consumption. Urine drug tests can also determine if you have taken alcohol in the past few hours. However, there are a few limitations to this test. For example, it cannot tell the tester how often you take drugs or the severity of the addiction. The test simply states of there is or isn’t any drugs in your system.

 Trend in Drug Testing and Drug Facts

It’s really quite interesting that drugs and drug testing seems to be in the news and media a lot, considering that in the past quarter-century, drug use has actually declines 74% for American workers. Also, large US companies are now testing less and less, down about 62% between the 1990s and 2000s. However, it seems that testing itself has developed and become more sophisticated. Many employees, for example, buy powdered human urine, thinking they can beat a urine test, but then some employers switch to hair drug testing or even skin cells taken from an office desk.

Still, looking at the facts, do we really need to ramp up drug testing? It seems that positivity rating among the US workforce for mandated testing seems to have held a steady between 2008 and 2012.

 Types of Urine Testing

The urine drug test is the most common type of drug test and is usually considered the gold standard when it comes to testing. That is because courts have held up these tests in courts for almost half a century. However, there have been some hitches and challenges, such as those conducted by the Department of Defense when testing for cocaine. Still, many agencies and companies rely on this for testing.

There are actually three different types of drug tests available today. First, the GCMS or chromatography/mass spectrometry is one of the more sophisticated tests available and usually called the confirmation test. This is because once you test positive for any other type of urine test, you must take this second test to confirm if you have used drugs or are just a victim of a false positive. This type of test uses a very low cut-off point for tests, and some people, such as habitual marijuana users, can test positive even after three or two weeks from their last consumption.

The next type of test is the home drug test kit. Many individual users buy these kits for themselves or to test other people. Some parents use this to test their kids or some private companies can buy these for random drug testing and even spot hiring. These aren’t as sensitive as other drug tests although recently, some companies have been releasing stronger version of the home drug test and if you are willing to pay more, you can buy tests that are at par with professional testing labs. These can usually test for a wide range of drugs, such as: Marijuana (THC), Oxycodone ,Amphetamine, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Barbiturates, Ecstasy (MDMA), Methamphetamines, Nicotine, Methadone, Opiates, and PCP.

The last type of test is the EMIT or enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique. This is the cheapest test available for workplace drug testing, and not very accurate, but many still use them for preliminary drug screenings. This is because it can detect only a 50 ng/ml cut-off for THC, which can detect very recent use, and so can be used for random surprise testing when the person has not had time to abstain.

Ways to pass Urine Test

The next question on anyone’s mind is, of course, how to pass a urine drug test or which is the best way to pass a urine drug test. Well, most tests aren’t 100% foolproof and so you can find ways to pass them. Some people by powdered human urine or synthetic urine to give as a sample. Powdered human urine is a better option for drug tests are there are ways to detect if synthetic urine has been used in a sample. However, you may need a special device if you have an observer with you when you give the sample. Such a device can help you simulate the process of urination, as long as the observer isn’t directly staring at your genitals (although for men, there are some devices made to look like the male organ) and allow you to swap out your urine for a clean sample.

What You Need to Know AboutThe Hair Drug Test

Drug tests are fast becoming very common these days. In some industries, these types of tests are already quite common. For example, people who work in safety in transportation, as well as some areas of law enforcement, are required to take these tests. This test is done for the greater good. However, you may even find that this test may soon be mandatory in other places too. Of course, there are many types of drug tests. Urine and blood tests are common, but there is also the hair follicle drug test. This type of test is very different from other types of tests. Let’s read more about this type of test and more important, how to beat hair follicle drug test.

What is a Hair Drug Test?

A hair drug test is done by taking a few strands of hair and testing it for drug traces. The hair is usually cut one and a half inches from the scalp. This is because hair grows at about a ½ inch per month and this test can detect traces for up to three months. The hair sample is then sent to laboratory, where they test it for drug traces. The hair is processed, examine, and then liquefied. You can actually purchase your own hair drug testing kit online or from some laboratories.

Interesting Facts About Hair Drug Tests

When reading about hair drug tests, there are a few facts you might find interesting. For example, a study by the Associated Pathologists Laboratories in Las Vegas showed that from a random selection of 2000 sample of 1500 positive results for cannabinoids, cocaine, and amphetamine and 500 negative results. The results of the study showed that there was no discernible pattern of addiction for certain hair colors, although when taking ethnic background, certain races had certain drug preference.

There was a lawsuit in Boston in an instance where hair follicle testing was used by the police department. The lawsuit said that the black officers were being unfairly singled out by these tests and were more likely to have false positive. The police department found 55 black and 40 white officers who tested positive for cocaine from 1999 to 2006. However, 2.5 more white officers were tested. The court threw out the testing results and 6 out of 10 fired offivers were rehired. See, there is some proof that melanin, a protein in the skin, can bind cocaine and other drugs to our system at a higher rate. That means African-Americans and certain other minorities can generate a false positive because they have more melanin in their system. This actually makes hair drug testing inaccurate, and therefor it was unfair to use them on the officers.

Should you find yourself in trouble, a lawyer may not necessarily help you. America has the largest prison population now not just in the world but in the history of mankind ever. There are two million Americans in jail and they all had lawyers. Some do a plea bargain arranged by lawyers, and over half of people on probation or deferment end up in jail. In short, a lawyer cannot help you all the time. You may be better off trying to beat a hair follicle drug test on your own.

Ways to Successfully Beat a Hair Drug Test

So, are there ways to beat a hair follicle drug test? Yes, there are ways. First, if you have time on your hands, wait it out. Some people know ahead of time if they have to take a hair drug test or can schedule it ahead of time. Hair drug tests can only detect drugs in your system from 90 days before. If you have time, wait to take the test until after the 90 day window. Better yet, if you can, get rid of the evidence – shave your head and your body and allow it to grow. Next, you can also use different types of washes and shampoos. There are special shampoos that wash off some of the metabolites. However, there are better shampoos that can actually seal the metabolites and prevent the tester from finding them. These shampoos contain a sealer that go on your hair and then covers up the follicle. The sealer remains even after the tester washes and cleans the sample, while leaving your hair soft and pliable so no one can tell. Even if they use a solvent, then the metabolites remain sealed and the test cannot detect them.Finally, the best way to really beat a drug test is to not take anything that can be detected by these tests. We are not just talking about drugs as there are other things like medications and prescriptions that might set off the test. So even if you are clea, you may be under suspicion for testing positive and just better to take the test clean.

The Basics of Passing a Hair Drug Test

Drug tests have been used by variety of organizations throughout the world. For example, drug tests are quite common for athletic competitions to help weed out those who try to cheat by using performance-enhancing substances. During the 2000 Summer Olympics in Australia, the Olympic Committee gave over 4000 drug tests. The results? Forty-four athletes were found to have used drugs and were thus given the proper punishment. Previously, in 1998 and 1999, tests on 5,147 athletes from the UK revealed about 500 instances of drug use.

Drug tests are quite useful in such situations. They are also useful in detecting the use of illicit drugs. Many types of drugs can impair a person’s judgment and activities, which is why they are banned in the workplace. Imagine driving on the road with a driver who’s under the influence of drugs or your child being taught by a teacher who is high. However, many people think that drug testing is a violation of their privacy and this is true in many cases.

Types of Drug Tests

There are many types of drug tests. The most common type is the urine test, which is administered by many agencies to detect the use of banned substances. Another type of test is the hair drug test. This type of test is quite comprehensive and can detect drug use for up to 90 days. That is why perhaps many people want to learn how to pass a hair drug test. Beating a hair drug test is not impossible, but it can be difficult to do so. If you want to know more about beating this test, keep reading.

You may also encounter other types of tests, including, but not limited to:

  • Anabolic steroids screening
  • Random drug testing
  • Diagnostic screening
  • Presumptive substance testing
  • Saliva drug screen or Oral fluid-based drug screen,
  • Sweat drug screen
  • Blood drug testing.

How Hair Drug Tests Work

When a person takes any type of substance, traces of it remain in the body. The system cannot immediate process and metabolize these substances and so they stay in the body. In the case of hair, drug traces are pushed out of the follicles and tend to stay in the hair. When a person is tested for drugs, the tester simply takes a sample of the hair from the roots and uses special chemicals to test for remains of illicit substances. The tester can even narrow down when the person took the drugs based on what part of the strands they found the drug traces.

How Long Drugs Stay in the Body

A few factors affect how long drugs can stay in the body. The biggest factors are frequency of use and how much you use. If you use drugs everyday or use a large amount, then you body will not be able to metabolize the substances quickly. The body simply cannot keep up. Of course, tolerance and the strength of the drug also matter, as well as interactions with other drugs and how use it are important as well. Your gender and age matter, since these are tied to your metabolism. Young men often have very fast metabolisms and drug traces can leave their bodies quicker. In general, your over-all health can affect how long drugs stay in the body and ultimately, your ability of beating a drug test.

Drug Testing Myths

Before learning about how to pass a hair test, you should first learn about what doesn’t work. Some people think drinking lots of water will help remove drugs from their system. In general, this doesn’t work except in a few cases. This can help rid your urine of drug traces, but it can also alert the tester because your urine can show up as having too much water. Other liquids like vinegar and pickle juice are also not effective and may actually dehydrate you. Some people think exercise, cleanser and diuretics can help, but these to very little.  Peope who are desperate may even try bleach, poppy seeds, niacin, baking soda, and even aspiring to trigger false positives, but these hardly work. Some synthetic urine might work, but most sophisticated labs can detect when you use fake pee.

Tips to Pass a Hair Drug Test

So, if these methods don’t work, what does? Well, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of passing that test. First, stop smoking and don’t don’t exercise for about 48 hours before the test. Eat meals with a lot of carbs and protein and avoid foods with lots of sugar, like fruits and juices. Don’t skip any meals and you should also eat lots of fiber. You can also take vitamin B complex with each meal 2 days before test. Try to take the test in the afternoon and urinate a couple of times before.  Finally, don’t forget to relax.

Drug Testing For Synthetic Cannabinoids

The past decade a new class of synthetic drugs have emerged. Most of these are synthetic and standard 5 panel drug tests can not detect these substances.

Spice Gold or K2 – Synthetic Marijuana (Cannabinoids)

Synthetic cannabinoids are substances that will bind to your body’s cannabinoid receptors. They create a high that is close to marijuana. More than a hundred different synthetic cannabinoids are now available.

The first one that came available around 2005 was under the brand name Spice. Since that time, many other brands have come to the market.  They are sold laced into plant or herbal based material, and then smoked like marijuana.

Brand names Synthetic Marijuana can be found under:

Spice,  K2, Spice Gold, Skunk, Pulse, Genie, Red X Dawn, Stinger, Black Mamba, and Yucatan Fire are just a few of the brand names that can be readily found in the synthetic cannabinoid market.

The majority of these consisted of the following five drugs: Cannabicyclohexanol, CP-47,497,  JWH-073,  JWH-200,  and JWH-018


The US Drug Enforcement Administration have added the above 5 substances to Schedule I of the controlled substance act. These five substances as of 2011 are illegal to sell, manufacture, posses, and import in the United States.


Laboratory testing of these synthetic cannabinoids shows that they have anywhere from 10 to 100 times the strength of marijuana. So there is definitely a good case made about the toxicity of these substances. Symptoms that occur with these, over using normal marijuana, is hallucinations, rapid heart rate, and high blood pressure.

Drug Testing for Synthetic Cannabinoids:

While a number of drug testing labs are creating protocols for testing these substances, there are no national or worldwide cut off detection levels set.

Each lab has it’s own way of validating detection of these substances, and will stand behind their results. But the question of breathing in second hand smoke is an issue. There are no appropriate cut off levels set for passive inhalation.

This means that if someone fails a drug test for synthetic cannabinoids, and claims it entered their body via second hand smoke, the lab could not refute that because these second hand cut off levels have not been established.

Marijuana does have second hand cut off levels established, due to the fact there is a history of extensive research on it. Since this research is not available for synthetic cannabinoids, the “I failed because of second hand smoke” from synthetic cannabinoids can not be dismissed by labs.

Smoking Legal Marijuana and Drug Testing in Colorado

marijuana colorado passing a drug testNow that recreational marijuana can legally be sold in Colorado, the drug testing laws need to change as well. But that may not be happening in the near future, so expect a lot of potential first time users not be in line at their local pot store.

Alcohol is a legal drug, and most employers don’t test for it. But using marijuana, which arguably is less damaging than alcohol, is still on the 5 panel drug drug screen used by most employers in Colorado.

This is going to get interesting. Some anti-marijuana supporters have suggested that companies will leave the state, afraid that new potential hires and current employers will be stoners.

That’s probably a bit of a stretch (well more than a bit in our opinion!), but what needs to happen here is that there needs to be a new random drug testing technology for marijuana that tells you if the person is using at the time of the test.

Marijuana is fat soluble (stores in body fat, which means you can’t just pee it away in a day after use),  and it stays in your body anywhere from 1 week to 6 months depending on usage and body fat percentages, while alcohol leaves the body 24 hours after use.

This means that some raging alcoholic could have gone on a weekend drinking binge,  show up for a urine drug test the next day,  and pass it. While someone who may have not even used marijuana for a week can show up that same day and fail.

What’s needed is a spot marijuana drug test, one that does not detect past use, just like they have for alcohol.  Nobody wants employees drunk or stoned at work, but light recreational marijuana users will fail a drug test, even if they haven’t used in some time.

With all that said, we applaud the citizens of Colorado for voting for the legalization of marijuana, it’s something that is long overdue. But what’s needed now is a functional marijuana drug test that only detects if a person is currently under the influence.

Until then,  there probably won’t be too many new users of marijuana in Colorado out of fear of losing their current jobs, or being hired for a new one.

We would love to hear you comments on the new law and how it relates to drug testing.

Busted Republican Congressman Just Says No To Resigning

OK so conservative republican congressman Trey Redel gets busted for buying an 8 ball of cocaine from a DEA agent on October 29th. Apparently he was ratted out by his dealer, and at a press conference today refused to resign and wants to rebuild the trust of voters.

This guy had a lot going for him, he sponsored a bunch of bills and was pretty popular. basically the guy was doing a good job. But what’s most ironic here is that he supported drug testing for food stamp recipients. This opens the question, should members of state and federal legislatures be drug tested?

Some lawmakers have already suggested it, and I’m sure that makes a lot of their colleagues uneasy, especially the ones burning one after a hard day on the floor.

If you feel strongly about this you can start a petition in your own state to drug test lawmakers. We feel if you want to drug test welfare recipients, the lawmakers who make those laws should be tested themselves.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Update 01/27/14 – Today Trey Radel resigned his congressional seat.  He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor to cocaine possession charges.  Now  how many average citizens would you think get charged only with a misdemeanor and probation for possessing 3.5 grams of cocaine? What a great justice system we have.