What You Need to Know AboutThe Hair Drug Test

Drug tests are fast becoming very common these days. In some industries, these types of tests are already quite common. For example, people who work in safety in transportation, as well as some areas of law enforcement, are required to take these tests. This test is done for the greater good. However, you may even find that this test may soon be mandatory in other places too. Of course, there are many types of drug tests. Urine and blood tests are common, but there is also the hair follicle drug test. This type of test is very different from other types of tests. Let’s read more about this type of test and more important, how to beat hair follicle drug test.

What is a Hair Drug Test?

A hair drug test is done by taking a few strands of hair and testing it for drug traces. The hair is usually cut one and a half inches from the scalp. This is because hair grows at about a ½ inch per month and this test can detect traces for up to three months. The hair sample is then sent to laboratory, where they test it for drug traces. The hair is processed, examine, and then liquefied. You can actually purchase your own hair drug testing kit online or from some laboratories.

Interesting Facts About Hair Drug Tests

When reading about hair drug tests, there are a few facts you might find interesting. For example, a study by the Associated Pathologists Laboratories in Las Vegas showed that from a random selection of 2000 sample of 1500 positive results for cannabinoids, cocaine, and amphetamine and 500 negative results. The results of the study showed that there was no discernible pattern of addiction for certain hair colors, although when taking ethnic background, certain races had certain drug preference.

There was a lawsuit in Boston in an instance where hair follicle testing was used by the police department. The lawsuit said that the black officers were being unfairly singled out by these tests and were more likely to have false positive. The police department found 55 black and 40 white officers who tested positive for cocaine from 1999 to 2006. However, 2.5 more white officers were tested. The court threw out the testing results and 6 out of 10 fired offivers were rehired. See, there is some proof that melanin, a protein in the skin, can bind cocaine and other drugs to our system at a higher rate. That means African-Americans and certain other minorities can generate a false positive because they have more melanin in their system. This actually makes hair drug testing inaccurate, and therefor it was unfair to use them on the officers.

Should you find yourself in trouble, a lawyer may not necessarily help you. America has the largest prison population now not just in the world but in the history of mankind ever. There are two million Americans in jail and they all had lawyers. Some do a plea bargain arranged by lawyers, and over half of people on probation or deferment end up in jail. In short, a lawyer cannot help you all the time. You may be better off trying to beat a hair follicle drug test on your own.

Ways to Successfully Beat a Hair Drug Test

So, are there ways to beat a hair follicle drug test? Yes, there are ways. First, if you have time on your hands, wait it out. Some people know ahead of time if they have to take a hair drug test or can schedule it ahead of time. Hair drug tests can only detect drugs in your system from 90 days before. If you have time, wait to take the test until after the 90 day window. Better yet, if you can, get rid of the evidence – shave your head and your body and allow it to grow. Next, you can also use different types of washes and shampoos. There are special shampoos that wash off some of the metabolites. However, there are better shampoos that can actually seal the metabolites and prevent the tester from finding them. These shampoos contain a sealer that go on your hair and then covers up the follicle. The sealer remains even after the tester washes and cleans the sample, while leaving your hair soft and pliable so no one can tell. Even if they use a solvent, then the metabolites remain sealed and the test cannot detect them.Finally, the best way to really beat a drug test is to not take anything that can be detected by these tests. We are not just talking about drugs as there are other things like medications and prescriptions that might set off the test. So even if you are clea, you may be under suspicion for testing positive and just better to take the test clean.